Canadian Jewish News Names Yoni Goldstein As New Editor

    The Canadian Jewish News named a former columnist as its new editor following a five-month search and after reversing its decision to shut down.

    Senate Calls on Political Parties in Ukrain to Refrain From Anti-Semitism

    A call on political parties in Ukraine to refrain from anti-Semitism was part of a resolution by the Senate expressing its support for Ukrainians seeking a closer alignment with the European Union.

    U.N. Security Council Condemns Killing Of Israeli Soldier

    The United Nations Security Council condemned the killing of an Israeli soldier by a rogue Lebanese soldier on the border between the two countries.

    Crying Shame: An African migrants cries as Israeli police and immigration officers prepare to arrest them during a demonstration outside the Israeli Parliament.

    Africans Returned to Israel Detention After Protest

    Hundreds of African migrants gathered outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem protesting Israel’s policy of detaining asylum seekers were put on buses back to a detention facility.

    Family of Murdered Teenager Urge U.S. Court To Reject Israeli Attempt To Silence Witness

    Lawyers for the family of an American teenager killed in a 2006 suicide bombing in Tel Aviv urged a U.S. court on Tuesday to reject an attempt by Israel to muzzle a witness in an anti-terrorism case, court documents showed.