Kanye West: Black People Don't Have Same Bond as Jews

    Rapper Kanye West defended President Obama’s difficulty in passing his policies, saying “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people.”

    Four Palestinians Arrested for Attack That Injured Israeli Toddler

    Four Palestinians were arrested in connection with an attack on a car in a Jerusalem neighborhood that seriously injured a Jewish toddler.

    Al Qaeda Claims Growing Following in West Bank

    An al Qaeda-linked group said three militants killed in the West Bank by Israeli forces last week were its members, and that their presence there showed that the Islamist network had taken root in the occupied Palestinian territory.

    Public Menorah Erected by Chabad in Budapest Gets Vandalized

    A public Hanukkah menorah erected in downtown Budapest was vandalized.

    Temple Mount Closed After Jewish-Muslim Brawl

    The Temple Mount in Jerusalem was closed to visitors after a fight broke out between Jewish visitors and Muslim worshipers.