The Nigun Project: Silent Song

Image: Courtesy of Basya Schechter; Jeremiah Lockwood

I have known Basya Schechter since I was a teenager — longer than I have known any of my other Nigun Project collaborators, thus far. And “Pharaoh’s Daughter,” Basya’s remarkable world fusion singing-songwriting project, has become a phenomenon in the Jewish music world.

Somehow over the years of frequently crossing paths and sharing a band mate, percussionist Tomer Tzur, we’ve almost never played together. Perhaps because of our years of proximity, performing with Basya felt incredibly natural. Our arrangement of this nigun came together quite quickly in the studio, aided by the sympathetic presence of recording engineer Dan Huron.

I found this melody in the mid-century Lubavitch Sefer HaNigunim, a frequent source of inspiration for pieces in this project.

Listen to Jeremiah Lockwood perform with Basya Schechter:

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The Nigun Project: Silent Song

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