April 8, 2011

100 Years Ago in The Forward

In relentless rain, nearly half a million people marched silently through the streets of New York City in memory of those who lost their lives in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. Many of those watching from the sidewalks were in tears, as were the marchers. A large number of stores and buildings throughout the Lower East Side were bedecked with signs that read, ?We mourn the victims of the great fire,? as the entire Jewish quarter is in mourning after the senseless loss of more than 100 victims of the fire.

75 Years Ago in The Forward

This Passover, Jews in Berlin can expect special guests in their synagogues. The Gestapo, Germany?s secret police, is planning to stake out synagogues in order to ?prevent provocations.? The Gestapo also plans on placing agents in synagogues in order to monitor sermons given by the rabbis, which are expected to compare the Exodus from Egypt to an increasing exodus from Germany. A large number of Seders will be taking place using funds donated by charities, as there are a great deal of Jews who have been banned from professions by the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws and who are now destitute.

50 Years Ago in The Forward

With Adolf Eichmann?s trial set to begin, the topic has completely taken over Israeli society. ?Is the Eichmann trial a victory or a tragedy?? one local paper asked in its headline. A number of people are opposed to the trial. ?One bullet in Buenos Aires could have saved us a lot of trouble,? a young Israeli said. Another, a storekeeper on King David Street in Jerusalem, complained that the trial was going to cost a huge amount of money and that Israel is far from being a wealthy country. ?He should be tried in Germany,? he said, ?but the Germans don?t want him.?

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April 8, 2011

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