What's 'Kosher' Worth? A Hell of a Lot

How much is a kosher website worth? Apparently, half a million dollars. Kosher.com sold earlier this week for that full sticker price.

But wait: It wasn’t owned before? Well, it was, but brace yourself for the actual shocking part: There is no website present at kosher.com. Navigating to kosher.com takes a netizen to a blank, generic search side. This is pretty surprising, given that the kosher food industry is a $12.5 billion per year business (yes, billion, with a “b”).

The site was previously owned by Rosalind Davidowitz of Lawrence, NY and is in the hands of Los Angeles lawyer Eli Perlman. Perlman’s client — an unnamed company — purchased the site and plans to lease it out. (Sadly, Perlman isn’t interested in sharing any more details).

Other domain names that are surprisingly unpopulated include kosherfood.com, Jew.com, and Hannukkah.com. Sadly, thanksgivukkah.com has already been claimed.

Jewish.com looks to have the makings of a site, but is actually nothing more than an a depository of ads for “Jewish Jewelry,” how to pick Jewish names, and where to find the best Jewish dating websites.

Israel.com is also, shockingly, a very simple blog site with aggregations of Israel-related news from around the Web.

RoshHashanah.com is another that doesn’t exist, and YomKippur.com redirects to a sub-site of Shabbat.com, a social network for connected Jews who are looking to spend Shabbat with someone.

So there you have it, web entrepreneurs! A whole host of Jew-related domain names, just ripe for the taking.

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What's 'Kosher' Worth? A Hell of a Lot

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