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Artichokes Two Ways

I gave a cooking class to vegetarians tonight, and focused on what was in season: artichokes, asparagus, peas, mushrooms.

Archetypal Ashkenazi Chopped Liver

You’ve read the chopped liver elegy and cringed over the results of the taste test. Isn’t it time you made your own? Here’s how.

Roast Chicken Paprikash Recipe

Food editor Liza Schoenfein was pleased to discover this deeply flavorful chicken dish in “The Community Table: Recipes & Stories from the Jewish Community Center & Beyond” by Katja Goldman, Judy Bernstein Bunzl and Lisa Rotmil. (Click here to find out why.) Photograph by John Tavares

Amaranth Alegría Candies

Photograph by Tami Ganeles-Weiser/The Weiser Kitchen

Amaranth, Squash and Herb Salad

This salad is fun, delicious and bursts with genuine Mexican flavors and textures. Photograph by Tami Ganeles-Weiser/The Weiser Kitchen

Share the Bounty

Share the Bounty