Talk Back on Hamas Story

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When Mousa Abu Marzook sat down for two days of questioning with the Forward’s Larry Cohler-Esses, it marked the first time that a senior Hamas official agreed to an in-depth interview with a Jewish publication. Some experts call this an important signal of the organization’s efforts to engage the West, and to show more flexibility than its leaders have in the past.

But did Abu Marzook go far enough? Do you think Hamas has genuinely changed? If not, what are the implications for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and American foreign policy? Where do we go from here?

The Forward wants to hear from you. Please use this space to responsibly comment on the interview with Abu Marzook, and engage with other readers in this timely conversation. Some of the most interesting and perceptive comments will appear on next week’s oped page in the print edition.

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Talk Back on Hamas Story

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