Revealing Israel's Nuclear Secrets

A little noticed 1987 report, declassified in February, has suddenly made explicit Israel’s nuclear program. Michael Karpin unpacks its implications.


Can Israeli American Council Grow Without Kow-Towing to Big Donors Like Sheldon Adelson?

Awash in cash, the Israeli American Council has been growing by leaps and bounds. But some fear it is becoming a political tool of donors like Sheldon Adelson.


Jewish Cemetery in Northern Hungary Vandalized

Gravestones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in northern Hungary.

Netanyahu’s Reelection Pushes J Street to the Left

Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection has pushed J Street to endorse policies it previously rejected — like taking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the U.N. Security Council.


Germany Agrees To Return Nazi-Looted Painting to Heirs

Germany agreed to return a Nazi-looted painting to the heirs of its Jewish owner.

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