Puppet Food: Lions and marionettes star in Karromato?s ?Wooden Circus.?

Puppets Perform, No Strings Attached

‘I’ve been a puppet… a poet, a pawn and a king.”

Israel Goes Gaga!

Israeli music fans know how to treat a Lady. That is the hope, in any case, as one of the biggest pop breakthroughs of recent years makes her way to Tel Aviv. Lady Gaga, responsible for several of 2009’s most ubiquitous hits, will take the stage August 19 at the city’s Non Stop Musix Festival, a two-day event also featuring Canadian hit makers Simple Plan, English indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs, and Israeli artists Aviv Geffen and Hadag Nahash.

Heads You Win Rabin

Nearly 14 years after Yitzhak Rabin’s death, his name remains as good as gold — and silver.

Veteran: Peggy Delancey has worked at the Empire Factory for 33 years. (Photo by Nathaniel Popper)

Empire Strikes Back

When the poultry company Empire Kosher was on the verge of bankruptcy a few years ago, the man who had just taken over as CEO of the company, Greg Rosenbaum, called employees in for three straight days and nights of meetings in the firm’s board room, with food brought in and only brief breaks for naps.

White Phosphorus: Israel?s new report states that shells containing the incendiary chemical were used only in ?open, unpopulated areas,? but ?unfortunately may have landed? at an elementary school in Beit Lahia. Critics say the photo of Palestinian civilians fleeing the school, above, belies the claim.

New Government Gaza Report Cites International Law To Defend Actions

Israel’s formal response to the onslaught of criticism it has absorbed over its winter military campaign in Gaza finally arrived late last month. And though the report is exhaustive, its reply to the hail of human rights and war crimes charges has essentially boiled down to one crucial point: Intent.