Are Egyptian Attitudes Towards Jews Shifting?

Egypt’s major Ramadan breakout hit was a television series called ‘Jewish Quarter.’ Does the show’s success signify a departure from traditional anti-Semitic attitudes?


Where Do Jews Stand On Iran Deal? Don't Ask The Polls.

American Jews are fiercely debating whether or not to support the Iran nuclear deal. But what does the majority think? Depending on what poll you’re consulting, the answer could be vastly different.


The Forward's Own Jewish Look at Iran in 2015

On Tuesday, August 4, Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance posted the news that several journalistic organizations had been granted visas to visit and report on the Islamic Republic. Among them was the Forward.

Moving to Israel May Be Making Ethiopian Jews Sick

In Israel, home to one third of the world’s Ashkenazim, about 1 in every 220 people suffer from inflammatory bowel disorder. Now, the condition is on the rise among Ethiopian immigrants.


Lower East Side Charity's Pleas Were Misleading, Donors Say

Donors to the Orthodox Home of the Sages of Israel charity, which raises $500,000 a year, are claiming that they have been misled by a Jewish calendar mailed annually to thousands of homes.

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