Triangle Fire Chalking Links a Shul to Its Past

On the morning of the 99th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Esther Malka Boyarin is sweeping trash off the stoop of the Stanton Street Shul, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Family of Captive Is Seeking U.S. Help

As Passover approached, Israeli and Jewish families around the world were urged to save an empty seat around the Seder table for Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held in captivity by Hamas for more than three years.

For Russian-Speaking Holocaust Survivors, a Passover To Remember

Shortly before noon on a sunlit weekday morning, elderly men and women begin shuffling into the basement of a Brooklyn synagogue, some with the aid of home attendants. Many of the women wear attention-grabbing print tops, large necklaces and, in a few cases, sunglasses. The men opt for their best leather shoes and a suit, a few embellished with red-and-gold medals for heroism on the Eastern front during World War II.

Amid Legal Battles, More Gay Israelis Are Raising Children

A gay couple from Tel Aviv has petitioned Israel’s high court for the right to have a baby through a surrogate mother, an option now open only to heterosexual couples. The request by Tel Aviv spouses Etai Pinkas and Yoav Arad comes as the gay community in Israel is experiencing a small-scale baby boom.

Fish and Chips: A Sephardic Delicacy

Forget the bagels and lox: The most popular Jewish contribution to world cuisine may be, in fact, fish and chips.

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