Y.U. Pushes Back Against $380M Abuse Lawsuit Saying Students Waited Too Long

Yeshiva U. is pushing back against the ex-students who say they were abused by rabbis. The school wants to know why the alleged victims took so long to act.


William Rapfogel Scandal Widens as Met Council Axes Key Consultant

The $5 million scandal at the Met Council has widened dramatically. Ex-CEO Dovid Cohen was let go as a consultant on the same day that William Rapfogel was fired.


Death of Knicks Star Dean Meminger Hits Jewish Camp Director Hard

Dean Meminger sat in owner Irv Bader’s office at Camp Seneca Lake and talked of his girlfriend, her battle with lupus and their plans to marry.

Meet the 'Are You Jewish?' Chabad Guys

Hasidic Jews take to the streets during Sukkot to bring lulavs to the masses. A set of twins takes us inside their quixotic effort — and explains how they spot members of the tribe.


William Rapfogel Arrested in 'Breathtaking' $5M Met Council Scam

William Rapfogel, the ousted leader of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty in New York, was arrested on charges of grand larceny and money laundering.

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