Jewish Professors Hit Back Against Pro-Israel Campus 'Blacklist'

One campus group is warning students about professors who may be biased against Israel. Now another group of Jewish academics is pushing back against what one calls a ‘blacklist.’


El Al Grapples With Gender Segregation Furor

Israel’s national airline has long had to contend with ultra-Orthodox Jews insisting on gender separation. Recent incidents have prompted calls for El Al to resolve the issue.


Using Native Grapes To Bring Israeli Winemaking Back to Roots

Today there are hundreds of Israeli wineries, but they largely use varieties of grapes that are indigenous to Europe. By finding and growing grapes native to Israel, Elyashiv Drori hopes to bring Israeli winemaking back to its roots.


Benjamin Netanyahu Brings a Prop and Anti-Iran Rhetoric to United Nations

In the end, there was much to talk about at the U.N. General Assembly but few genuine surprises.

Hungary Bans Far Right Conference

Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary ordered the banning of a right-wing extremist conference in Budapest.

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