Hoenlein Hits Obama On Speech, Then Retreats

A top Jewish leader whose coalition speaks on behalf of organized Jewry is again under fire after being quoted as saying Jews were “very concerned” about President Obama’s recent speech reaching out to the Muslim world.

In Hard Times, Jewish Theological Seminary Looks to New Leadership

The flagship seminary of the Conservative movement continued its ongoing shake-up as its longtime lay leader stepped down and the school announced additional measures to balance its troubled finances.

Godard: Rumor has it that the director might film an adap-tation of a best-selling memoir.

Will Jean-Luc Godard Tackle the Holocaust?

Legendary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard may be gearing up for a drama about the Holocaust.

Israeli Gelato Makes New York Debut

Israel may be a pious land, but its cuisine is full of luscious guilty pleasures, some of which are traversing the Atlantic to corrupt New Yorkers.

Chicago Public Radio Interview

Chicago Public Radio recently interviewed the Forward’s Nathaniel Popper about his coverage of Jews and the labor movement as it relates to his recent article about a six-year-strike at the Congress Hotel on Chicago’s lakefront.