Synagogue Attacks Have New Jersey on Edge

As Jews in some northern New Jersey communities made their way to synagogue last Shabbat, the scene was slightly different from the typical day of rest.

U.S. Jewish Population Pegged at 6 Million

Two new studies say there are between 6.4 million and 6.6 million Jews in the U.S., or about 1.8% of the population. There’s growing consensus on the figures.


Congressman Cut Off From Own Synagogue

Democrat Steve Cohen, the first Jewish congressman from Tennessee, has lost his own synagogue from his district after the borders were redrawn.


Reaching Out to Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood are poised to take power after Egypt’s first democratic elections. American Jews may be uniquely placed to reach out to the Islamist group, experts say.


Yair Lapid May Wind Up Helping Bibi

TV host Yair Lapid is the self-styled voice of what he calls Israel’s secular ‘42%.’ The handsome celebrity is entering politics and it’s not clear who will win and who will lose.

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