Bereft and Healing, a Father Returns Home to Gaza

“The blood of my daughters was a price that saved others’ lives,” said Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. One year later, the Gaza physician is trying to make sense of the deaths of his children, killed by Israeli missiles during Israel’s military campaign.

Brandeis Looking For Next Leader While Facing Budget Challenge

The search for a successor to Jehuda Reinharz, president of Brandeis University, is under way, but moving at a pace too slow for some. At the same time, Reinharz is fending off accusations stemming from the serious financial challenges now facing the school.

Why the Mistrust Between U.S. and Israel?

Like a couple that just can’t get along, even when they agree, Washington and Jerusalem have spent early January locked in squabbles.

Leaders Mull Options To Protest Restrictions at Kotel

Acts of civil disobedience are among the strategies that the Reform movement is weighing as it mulls how best to advocate for religious pluralism in Israel, particularly at Jerusalem’s Western Wall — the site of recent confrontations between women worshipping as a prayer group, the Orthodox rabbis who control access to the wall and the police.

How Modern Airport Security May Run Afoul of Jewish Law

Observant Jews are voicing concerns over modesty and looking for compromise on the Transportation Security Administration’s plan to expand the use of whole-body imaging machines for airport security, after last month’s failed attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound jetliner.

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