Larry Selman, Star of Oscar-Nominated Documentary, Dies

Larry Selman died of heart failure at 70. The disabled man starred in the Oscar-nominated ‘The Collector of Bedford Street,’ a documentary about his efforts to collect charity donations.

Nechemya Weberman Gets 103 Years for Sex Abuse, and Satmars Say 'Whoa'

The stunning 103-year prison term imposed on Nechemya Weberman has unleashed a fierce debate. Will it deter or encourage other sex abuse victims to step forward?


With Hopes and Fears, A Divided Israel Votes

All across Israel and in the settlements, Israelis of all stripes went to the polls. From the Galilee to Jerusalem, they voted with widely divergent visions of their country’s future.


Arabs Vote for Change in Election Derided by Many

Israeli Arabs who voted said they did so to take advantage of the chance to speak out. Countless others stayed home amid widespread lethargy over the prospect of any real change.


Parents Face Dilemmas When Jewish Schools Close

As more Jewish schools shut their doors, families face wrenching decisions about what comes next for their chilldren. They are dilemmas shaped by both belief and economic class.

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