How Jewish Summer Camps Are Coping With Murders of Israeli Teenagers

The murders of three Israeli teenagers took place just as Jewish summer camps were opening for the season. How much should children be told about the tumult in the Middle East?


Canadian Doctor Cleared of 'Sex' Motive in Controversial Circumcision Rite

A Canadian review board cleared of “sexual motive” a doctor who practiced “metzitzah b’peh,” a controversial circumcision practice.


Why British Orthodox Rabbi Fasts for Ramadan

Rabbi Natan Levy decided to “engage Ramadan as a committed Jew” to promote “a deeper conversation within the Jewish community on how we move beyond demonization of Islam.”


American Vacationers Wake Up in Israel War Zone

They came to Israel on vacation and suddenly found themselves in the midst of a war. American tourists were trying to keep their nerve — even as the bomb sirens blared.


Israeli and Palestinian Roommates Find Common Ground — Far From Home

The mounting crisis in Israel caught two young interns — an Israeli and a Palestinian — far from home. Guess what? They were able to see how the other side views the conflict.

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