Will Jean-Luc Godard Tackle the Holocaust?

Legendary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard may be gearing up for a drama about the Holocaust.


Israeli Gelato Makes New York Debut

Israel may be a pious land, but its cuisine is full of luscious guilty pleasures, some of which are traversing the Atlantic to corrupt New Yorkers.


Chicago Public Radio Interview

Chicago Public Radio recently interviewed the Forward’s Nathaniel Popper about his coverage of Jews and the labor movement as it relates to his recent article about a six-year-strike at the Congress Hotel on Chicago’s lakefront.


As Layoffs Mount, Which Jewish Executives Shared the Pain?

A tide of red ink is coursing through the hallways and balance sheets of Jewish charitable organizations, leaving slashed programs, reduced allocations and large staff layoffs in its wake. But in the current economic and financial meltdown, the suites of top executives have in many cases stood on high ground, beyond the reach of the crimson lapping below.


Debating, Again, the Founding of Israel

As the Obama administration deepens its outreach to the Muslim and Arab world, it faces the difficult task of countering Holocaust denial without reinforcing an increasingly popular anti-Zionist narrative that ties the legitimacy of the State of Israel to Jewish suffering in Europe.

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