Jewish Groups Scramble To Adjust to New Mideast Reality

The Egyptian revolution has kicked open the door to a vast Arab population that, for the first time, is poised to influence the course of its country’s policies directly. For Israel’s supporters, this could mean a new frontier for public diplomacy and a chance to reach out to Arab masses.


Once Again, Lobbyists Mobilize To Oppose Limits On Abortion

Jewish groups are signing letters, dispatching lobbyists and mobilizing grass roots efforts in opposition to a wave of proposals being pushed by the newly installed Republican majority in the House of Representatives, to restrict abortion and family-planning funding.

Top Genocide Scholars Battle Over How To Characterize Israel’s Actions

Did Jews commit genocide in 1948? The question is provocative, and the answer for most people is an unequivocal no. But a debate over this idea has formed the crux of a heated argument among the most eminent genocide scholars in the world, and led recently to the censure of an Israeli professor by the field’s leading academic association.


USCJ Wants To Bring ‘Indie Minyans’ Into the Fold. But Will They Join?

In a bid to revitalize its aging and shrinking congregations, Conservative Judaism is embarking on an effort to draw prayer groups from the burgeoning independent minyan scene into the Conservative fold. But it’s far from clear if the prayer groups are interested in what the Conservative movement is selling.


Zev Yaroslavsky: From Soviet Jewry Activist to L.A. Mayor?

The movement to free Soviet Jewry was just heating up in 1971 when Zev Yaroslavsky and a crew of co-conspirators steered a rented motorboat across Los Angeles Harbor, attached themselves with a pair of toilet plungers to the hull of a Soviet freighter and, with hasty strokes of spray paint, delivered a seaborne message to the Kremlin: “Let Jews Go.”

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