With New York Picking a Mayor, the ‘Jewish Vote’ Is on the Wane

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has never worn his Jewish identity on his sleeve, but that doesn’t seem to have hurt him among New York City’s Jewish voters.

Arms Smugglers Into Gaza Face a New Foe: Egypt

As a consequence of the military action in Gaza and to please a new administration in Washington, Egypt has recently stepped up efforts to crack down on smugglers who use a network of tunnels to transport weapons to Hamas.

Wexler’s Move May Lead to More Active Role for Think Tanks

Florida Democrat Robert Wexler’s recent decision to leave Congress and join a Washington policy center dealing with Middle East peace left many in this status-crazed city baffled. It is not every day that a successful politician chooses to resign midterm.

JFL’s End Prompts New Media Partnerships

The upheaval in the world of journalism has forced a new consolidation of Jewish media, as three niche publications announced recently that they were folding into larger Jewish organizations.

Trick or Treyf: Madoff Mask A Hit for Halloween

Ghostly sightings of Bernard Madoff’s plastic punim will be popping up everywhere this Halloween, as costume shops report that Madoff masks are flying off the shelves.

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