Hadassah Dumps Executive Who Accused Leaders

Hadassah, the women’s Zionist group, has ended its relationship with Larry Blum, the chief operating officer whose allegations led to an investigation of top Hadassah executive board members.


Benzion Netanyahu, Scholar Who Saw Lessons in History

Benzion Netanyahu was a scholar who believed that what he had discovered shed light on the character of the Jews but also was consequential for Jewish survival.

Explosive Dust-Up Over Iran Policy

Members of Israel’s security elite harshly criticized Netanyahu’s Iran policy. That probably was not what the organizers of a New York conference expected.


Muslim Students: Radicals or Partners?

Fearing radicalism, national Jewish groups have steered clear of the Muslim Students Association. But Jewish students have found the group to be a reliable partner.


Not Just Jews Eat Kosher Food in Prison

When it comes to keeping kosher in prison, religious Jews have plenty of company. The vast majority of inmates who get kosher food aren’t actually Jewish.

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