Was Dead Man Too Jewish To Be Cremated?

When Martin Mendelsohn died, his brother’s decision to have him cremated sparked an unlikely legal fight. The court battle focused on odd facts about the dead man’s spiritual life, like his very un-kosher taste for shrimp at Red Lobster.


Meet Barack Obama’s Jewish Flack Catcher

Matt Nosanchuk is President Obama’s liaison to the Jewish community. It was a tough job during the contentious Iran nuclear debacle — but it’s even worse now that the White House Hanukkah party is looming.


Jews Are Still the Biggest Target of Religious Hate Crimes

According to the FBI, Jews are the the top target of religiously-motivated hate crimes in the United States. But crimes against Muslims are on the rise.


Slain Messianic Jew Was Outspoken Admirer of Israel — and Jews

While America puzzles over the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, many American Jews are puzzling over an additional element: the religious identity of victim Nicholas Thalasinos.


Yossi Sarid, Sharp-Tongued Israeli Liberal, Dies at 75

Yossi Sarid, an Israeli commentator and former cabinet minister who was the country’s most acid-tongued dove, died on Friday of a heart attack, aged 75, the broadcaster where he worked said.

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