A Fair Shake: Christian Salt Makes its Debut

Have you had a recipe call for Christian salt lately? By next week, you just might.

A Motherly Voice Rings On iPhones

‘Happy Hanukkah, bubbelah. Of course, I’d be happier if you had kids.”

Hollywood Makeover: Ian McShane, left, and Christopher Egan star in NBC?s new show, ?Kings.?

King David’s NBC Premiere

The lowest-rated TV network has found religion. Beginning March 15, NBC will look to another well-known underdog, the Bible’s King David, to give its floundering prime-time schedule a boost. “Kings,” loosely inspired by the Old Testament hero, will debut in a two-hour premiere aimed at closing the network’s gap with Sunday night rivals, including ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and the CBS series “The Amazing Race.”

Carry On: Handbags by Daniella Lehavi are available on the site.

Israeli Styles: From Tel Aviv to the World Wide Web

If a leisurely shopping spree in Israel down Tel Aviv’s bustling Dizengoff Street isn’t in the cards, a wide range of fashion-forward accessories, made in Israel by established and emerging designers, can now be purchased at coolil.com.

Lang: A renowned modern dancer and choreographer.

Remembering Pearl Lang

“I am told that I am the father of the graphic novel, but am still waiting for the blood test,” said Art Spiegelman,1992 Pulitzer Prize winner for “Maus: A Survivor’s Tale” and keynote speaker at the February 6-8 New York Comic Con & Graphic Novel Conference, held at the Javits Center.