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Rabbi Steven Greenberg Talks About Being Orthodox and Gay

Orthodox rabbi Steven Greenberg, 57, and actor and opera singer Steven Goldstein, wed last year in a civil ceremony in New York, while holding the toddler in their arms.Read More

Handful of Dutch Jews Live in Shadow of Muslim Area Dubbed 'Sharia Triangle'


On a cold winter night in 2008, Wim Kortenoeven was startled by the crackling of a large fire raging near his home on the edge of this city’s last remaining Jewish enclave.Read More

Lola the Donkey Barred From Brussels Balcony

By Reuters

Belgian police have demanded that Lola, a theatre-starring donkey, be removed from the balcony of a cultural centre in Brussels after neighbours complained about her braying.Read More

Israeli and Palestinian Tech Entrepreneurs Work Together

By Reuters

At first glance, it is a tech utopian’s dream. For the last two years several dozen Israeli and Palestinian high-tech entrepreneurs have been quietly meeting at a Dead Sea resort that Palestinians can visit without receiving permits from the Israeli military.Read More

800-Year-Old Christian Artifacts Unearthed in Bethlehem Go on Display

By Haaretz/Nir Hasson

In 1906, during renovations at the Franciscan friary in Bethlehem, the workers found a treasure. Buried in the ground was the oldest known organ in the world − built in the 12th century − as well as 13 ancient bells. Twelve of the bells had been cast in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The 13th, however, was a big surprise: a bell in the Chinese style.Read More

Are Kerry's Efforts To Renew Peace Negotiations Too Little, Too late?

By Haaretz/ Amos Harel

A few months before the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, and with a renewed effort about to be made to kick-start the peace talks − it’s useful to pause for a moment and examine what has happened in the West Bank these past two decades. A series of visits there reinforces the impression that, despite the good intentions of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the reality on the ground could well be the undoing of his new initiative, as happened with that of most of his predecessors since the mid-1990s.Read More

Kerry to Russia: Arming Assad Will Hurt Peace and Israel

By Haaretz

The United States and Germany on Friday warned Russia that arming President Bashar Assad’s forces would hurt efforts to bring Syria’s warring parties together for peace talks.Read More

Belgian Student Body Votes To Boycott Israel at Universities


A Belgian student association passed a motion in favor of an academic boycott of Israel.Read More

Boy Wins National Spelling Bee With Yiddish 'Knaidel'


An Indian American boy from New York won a national spelling contest thanks to his ability to correctly spell the word knaidel, a Yiddish-derived word for a traditional Jewish dumpling.Read More

French Town To Open Museum Dedicated To Righteous Gentiles


A French town where dozens of residents saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust will open a museum to commemorate the rescuers’ actions.Read More

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