Agreement To Preserve Jewish Sites in Poland Hailed

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Underscoring an intensifying effort to confront its troubled past, Poland has signed an agreement with the United States to preserve and restore historic Jewish sites in Poland.The agreement, signed last month in Washington, is the latest in a series of accords America has signed with European governments since 1992 toRead More

From Plus to Minus

By Gus Tyler

Bush’s standing with the American people is on a downward slide, according to the most recent New York Times/CBS poll. Last March, his approval rating was 71 percent. It is now down to 46 percent — the lowest point in the years of his presidencyThe early high came on the heels of Hussein’s capture. Since that moment, Bush’s rating has beenRead More

Fearing GOP Gains, Democrats Boost Jewish Outreach

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Already fearing potential Republican gains among Jewish voters, Democrats were scrambling this week to undo any damage caused by a series of inflammatory outbursts by one of their own — Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings of South Carolina.Many Democrats were particularly worried over the sight of President Bush being cheered lastRead More

Right-wing Initiative Targets ‘Lost Jews’

By Steven I. Weiss

Right-wing Orthodox activists in America have launched an initiative to bring tens of millions of so-called “lost Jews” from Asia and Europe to the West Bank.The new effort was highlighted in promotional advertisements for an annual concert in Central Park, which has become a major destination for tens of thousands of New York Jews. The event,Read More

Settler Rabbi: Killing Civilians Permitted

By Eetta Prince-Gibson

JERUSALEM — A top rabbinic leader of the West Bank settler movement declared last week that the Israeli military is “permitted” under Jewish religious law to kill “ostensibly innocent” civilians in the course of warfare, and that feelings of guilt over such deaths reflect “the morality of unbelievers.”Rabbi Dov Lior, chairmanRead More

Chalabi Allies Claim CIA Plot Of Defamation

By Marc Perelman

Neoconservative allies of Ahmad Chalabi are rallying to the side of the embattled Iraqi politician, insisting that he is the victim of an orchestrated campaign to discredit him.Chalabi and several of his allies outside of government say that he has been undermined by political enemies at the State Department and at the CIA who falsely claim thatRead More

Bipartisan Deal on Judicial Picks Draws Ire From Both Sides of Aisle

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan deal to break the Senate logjam over judicial nominees is drawing criticism from both liberal and conservative activists.Under the deal, which was negotiated by the White House and by legislative leaders from both parties, Democrats will permit the Senate to vote promptly on 25 of President Bush’s less controversialRead More

Ex-Mideast Envoy Zinni Charges Neocons Pushed Iraq War To Benefit Israel

By Ori Nir and Ami Eden

The simmering debate over the role of Jewish neoconservatives in drawing America into war in Iraq erupted with new fury this week. One of America’s most respected ex-generals took to the airwaves to charge on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that the war had been fought for Israel’s benefit, just days after a similar charge was leveledRead More

Under Attack for Gaza Foray, Sharon Dodges a Legal Bullet

By Ofer Shelah

TEL AVIV — Ariel Sharon was seen smiling broadly Tuesday for the first time in months, and few doubted the reason: the unconfirmed report, broadcast the day before on Israel Television, that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz had decided not to indict the prime minister on bribery charges in the so-called Greek Island affair.It was only aRead More

Why ‘Free to Be ...’ Still Kicks Butt

How “Free to Be … You and Me” has influenced my life, examples #312-317: My husband does the lion’s share of the cooking. (His brisket is to die for.) He and I have taken turns being the primary breadwinner. (Right now, I’m at bat.) Our child has my last name. Our house, so far, is a Barbie-free zone. The Legos and toy trainsRead More

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