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Today In Corrections: Lt. Col Vindman Was Wounded By An IED, Not An IUD

Did you hear about how Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the decorated Jewish war hero, childhood refugee and damning witness in the Trump impeachment probe received his Purple Heart?

For a moment in GQ magazine, the cause was depicted as quite a private matter, thank you very much.

Every so often corrective italics at the end of an article present an item more amusing than maddening. Such was the case with a GQ article about Vindman that incorrectly stated he had been awarded his Purple Heart after being wounded by an IUD, or intrauterine device, rather than an IED, an improvised explosive device. Below is a screengrab of the the full correction:

Hey, we’re all human and mistakes happen. (Although IUDs are typically used to prevent a particular kind of mistake while IEDs are designed to cause horrific harm.)

Here is how Twitter is reacting to this explosive typo:

While the error is certainly worth a chuckle, it’s done some good too, allowing physicians and patients an opportunity to chime in on the complications of a common procedure.

PJ Grisar is the Forward’s culture fellow. He can be reached at

GQ Corrects: Vindman Wasn’t Injured By An IUD


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Today In Corrections: Lt. Col Vindman Was Wounded By An IED, Not An IUD

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