Mark Cuban On Trump The Businessman: ‘I Thought He Was An Idiot’

    Business guru Mark Cuban sat down for an interview with Axios and made clear he’s still bearish on President Donald Trump.

    The Texas billionaire, who during the presidential election took on the role of Trump’s main nemesis and Twitter troll, believes Trump was awful as a real estate developer. “I thought he was an idiot,” he said in the interview.

    He’s also not a great fan of the president’s job plan and his focus on bringing back manufacturing jobs. “OK, we’re going to build new factories.’ Well, those new factories aren’t 1975 factories. The question we’re not asking is: ‘Those companies who are building factories, what’s their net employment going to be in two, three, four years?’ And the reality is they’re going to have 30%, 40% less employees, and when you have less employees you need less real estate,” Cuban said.

    And most important - is Cuban still considering his own presidential run one day?

    Cuban did not sound enthusiastic about the idea of becoming a “government politician” but would not rule out the possibility. “There’s no rush,” he said.

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    Mark Cuban On Trump The Businessman: ‘I Thought He Was An Idiot’

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