Milo Yiannapoulos Hires Dwarfs Wearing Yarmulkes To Mock Rival

    Disgraced ‘alt-right’ provocateur Milo Yiannapoulos hired dwarfs wearing yarmulkes to perform at a New York book launch party as part of an elaborate stunt to mock an observant Jewish rival.

    Yiannapoulos used the dwarfs to ridicule Ben Shapiro, the editor of the conservative website The Daily Wire, at a Thursday night shindig for his new book “Dangerous.”

    The dwarfs wore “Ben Shapiro” name tags and bibs that read “It’s my bris and I’ll cry if I want to” at the party.

    “They’re a little tall for Ben Shapiro impersonators, but they’ve got the yarmulkes, they’re doing a good job,” Yiannapoulos reportedly said.

    The two onetime colleagues are locked in a bitter feud that has pitted Shapiro, a conservative, against Yiannapoulos, a central figure of the ‘alt-right.’

    Shapiro resigned as editor-at-large of, last year over its handling of a Breitbart reporter’s allegations of sexual assault by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Yiannapoulos and others saw that as a betrayal of Trump and his acolyte Steve Bannon. Yiannapoulos also left Breitbart in February after making approving comments about sex between men and under-age boys.

    The Lower East Side party also featured a dunk tank with a Hillary Clinton impersonator in the hot seat, and strippers who began their routine in floor-length burqas.

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    Milo Yiannapoulos Mocks Rival With Dwarfs In Yarmulkes

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    Milo Yiannapoulos Hires Dwarfs Wearing Yarmulkes To Mock Rival

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