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Alex Jones Blames George Soros For All The People Suing Him

Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones blamed billionaire philanthropist George Soros for all his legal woes at a press conference Monday, Right Wing Watch reported.

At the beginning of the press conference, Jones played a clip showing some of his more high-profile accusations, including the false claim that Soros was a Nazi officer.

Jones has been sued over a dozen times over the past year, including suits alleging defamation of a Charlottesville counter-protester. Jones blamed Soros for the lawsuits, alleging that Soros is funding the cases against him.

Soros, who is Jewish, is a frequent bogeyman not just for the American far-right, but for far-right politicians across the Western world. Viktor Orban was recently re-elected as prime minister of Hungary while running largely an anti-Soros campaign. Anti-Soros sentiment has also been stoked in Macedonia and Romania.

Jones’ press conference, in Washington, D.C., went largely unattended by mainstream news outlets. Instead of coffee, Jones served pink punch spiked with Absolut vodka.

“It’s a joke, man,” Jones said when asked to answer questions for Right Wing Watch. “You guys just want to pretend you talked to me. It’s just a prop. Make up whatever you’re going to make up.”

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Alex Jones Blames George Soros For The People Suing Him

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Alex Jones Blames George Soros For All The People Suing Him

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