Twitter Thinks Jake Tapper Is About To Blow A Gasket

CNN anchor and chief political correspondent Jake Tapper has seen it all in the past few years. But some Twitter users are worried that the coverage of the Trump Putin summit has broken him.

Comedian Matt Oswalt originally tweeted out the photo of Tapper on Monday, along with his speculation that Tapper would be driven to liberate himself from his clothing and drown his woes in some ice cream.

The photo does paint an austere scene: An abnormally blank faced Tapper stares out from the screen as the CNN chyron simply reads “OUTRAGE.” Gone is the Tapper who blasted Kellyanne Conway for allegations of fake news, or who succinctly shut down Steve Bannon’s requests that the media silence itself.

Other Twitter users weighed in on future Tapper and chyron couplings.

Others took offense to Oswalt’s speculation on Tapper’s state of dress.

Tapper has not responded to the tweet yet; presumably, he is busy covering the summit , rescheduling interviews, or maybe going on an eat pray love journey to get away from it all.

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This story "Twitter Thinks Jake Tapper Is About To Blow A Gasket" was written by Juliana Kaplan.

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Twitter Thinks Jake Tapper Is About To Blow A Gasket

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