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Louis Farrakhan Documentary Won’t Air On Netflix

Netflix will not be releasing a documentary by and about infamous anti-Semitic preacher and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Following reports and tweets by Farrakhan himself that the documentary, “My Life’s Journey Through Music,” would be available to stream on August 1, Netflix said the documentary would not be available on the service.

“This film will not be released on Netflix,” a Netflix spokesperson told The Forward. “Due to an internal miscommunication, it appeared to be scheduled for release on Netflix, but it is not. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.”

The film’s alleged impending release led to furor and confusion online.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film was apparently produced by Farrakhan’s son in 2013. The Final Call, the newspaper of the Nation of Islam, gave the film a glowing review back in 2014 at a “Saviours’ Day viewing”.

“With this Saviours’ Day viewing, Minister Farrakhan remained the gift that keeps on giving,” the review said.

The film’s streaming would have coincided with the recent release of Farrakhan’s $250 seven-CD album series, called “Let’s Change the World.”

The Nation of Islam could not be reached for comment. Farrakhan’s tweets promoting the documentary appear to have been deleted. His most recent tweet promotes one of his sermons.

Juliana Kaplan is a news intern at The Forward. Email her at kaplan@forward.com or follow her on Twitter, @julianamkaplan

Louis Farrakhan Documentary Won’t Air On Netflix

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Louis Farrakhan Documentary Won’t Air On Netflix

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