Patrick Little’s ‘Name The Jew’ Tour Spreading Anti-Semitism Nationwide

    Before he moves to northern Idaho in mid-August with plans of establishing a “regional capital,” neo-Nazi former Senate candidate Patrick Little has embarked on a cross-country tour he calls “Name The Jew,” where he spews anti-Semitic propaganda at passers-by, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

    An avowed anti-Semite, Little claims Jews conspired to stop him from winning a U.S. Senate race in California (Little received a little more than 1% of the vote in June’s primary).

    Throughout his tour, which began in July, he has carried a sign that reads, “Jews Rape Kids.” Generally people ignored him, the ADL reported, but one person threw a soda can at his direction while another yelled, “F—- you.”

    His tour will have had stops in at least 10 cities, including Portland, Seattle, Fargo and Minneapolis. He unsuccessfully attempted to enter Canada, and now he says he plans to visit New York City, or the “the vipers’ nest,” the ADL reported.

    Little visited the North Dakota State Fair, Brown University in Rhode Island and the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. He livestreamed most of his “J Walks” and encouraged viewers to fund his efforts.

    He’ll end the tour in Sandpoint, Idaho, where he wants to create a “regional capital.” Residents have received anti-Semitic robocalls fueling his message.

    “America has a Jewish problem,” Little says at the start of the call, as the theme song from “Friends” plays in the background. “To the people of Sandpoint, Bonner County, North Idaho: My name is Patrick Little, and I’ll be arriving shortly to make Sandpoint one of my new regional capitals throughout the country. This area has a reputation as a home to people with the moral courage to recognize the consequences of diversity.”

    Alyssa Fisher is a news writer at the Forward. Email her at, or follow her on Twitter at @alyssalfisher

    Little’s ‘Name The Jew’ Tour Spreads Anti-Semitism

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    Patrick Little’s ‘Name The Jew’ Tour Spreading Anti-Semitism Nationwide

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