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After Harassment Probe, Mark Cuban Donates $10 Million To Women’s Groups

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will donate $10 million to organizations that promote women in leadership and combat domestic violence, following an investigation into workplace misconduct within the team, Sports Illustrated reported.

Cuban, who is Jewish, came to the agreement with the NBA, which could have fined him only up to $2.5 million.

The report from the independent investigation into sexual harassment and misconduct within the Mavericks franchise was released Wednesday. It found that “numerous instances of sexual harassment and other improper workplace conduct” occurred over the last 20 years.

The findings suggested that the team should increase the number of women on staff and improve the Maverick’s human resources department, in hopes of enhancing the formal reporting processes for victims of harassment and instituting clear protocols for investigations.

The NBA is requiring that the Mavericks immediately report allegations by any employee and continually update annual “Respect in the Workplace” training for all staff, including ownership.

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Mark Cuban To Donate $10 Million To Women’s Groups

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After Harassment Probe, Mark Cuban Donates $10 Million To Women’s Groups

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