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White nationalist website might be dropped by webpage provider

An internet company that registers a domain name for the white nationalist website VDARE.com has threatened to delist the site.

If VDARE.com does not transfer the domain before this Thursday, Network Solutions, the registrar, said it will delete the site, making it accessible only through the dark web.

The possible action comes after a civil rights group, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, sent letters to the registrar asking it to decline service to VDARE and another racist website whose domain name includes the n-word.

In one of the letters, Kristen Clarke, the group’s president and executive director, wrote that VDARE “continues to peddle anti-immigrant and anti-Black hate.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center said the site “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites” like Kevin MacDonald, a professor who believes Jews are trying to undermine white supremacy by advocating for immigrants.

VDARE’s Facebook accounts were removed last month by the social media platform.

VDARE will join the ranks of the Daily Stormer, Gab and 8chan, websites that published white nationalist content that were kicked off mainstream internet platforms. Gab has found a new registrar and 8chan has been relaunched as 8kun.

Molly Boigon is an investigative reporter at the Forward. Contact her at boigon@forward.com or follow her on Twitter @MollyBoigon.

VDARE.com’s internet registrar might delete the site

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White nationalist website might be dropped by webpage provider

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