WATCH: Postpartum: The Musical by the Forward

WATCH: Postpartum: The Musical

HelloFlo is back. The company that perviously gave us “Camp Gyno” returns with a new video ad, this time about the horrors of new motherhood.

In the clip, a new mom rehearses a Broadway show reveling the “terrifying abyss of motherhood” and featuring songs about cracked nipples with lines like “For what it’s worth: There’s no laughter after after-birth.”

The ad introduces HelloFlo’s new mom kit (which includes necessities nipple cream, breast pads, Luna bars).

“As a mom of 2 young children who had a c-section and a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) I can honestly say that I’ve personally experienced everything that Mira, our main character, sings and talks about,” writes HelloFlo Founder and CEO Naama Bloom introducing the new service.

Free idea: A more fitting title would be “Birth Control.”


Sarah Breger

Sarah Breger

Sarah Breger is a former editor of the Sisterhood blog. Follow her on Twitter at @sbreger.

WATCH: Postpartum: The Musical

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WATCH: Postpartum: The Musical

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