Our Jewish Mothers for Better or Worse by the Forward

Our Jewish Mothers for Better or Worse

Image by Lior Zaltzman

These past few weeks, I’ve gotten so many great stories about people and their Jewish mothers. Some were uplifting and some were sad. But I think the bottom line for many of us was that, no matter how complicated our relationships are with our mothers, we still love them. Sometimes, talking about the things that scar us just helps to bring us closer.

I’m so grateful to all those who chose to write. I hope this is just the beginning of the conversation. I will be updating this blog post with more of your wonderful stories throughout the next couple of days leading up to Mother’s Day and if you have any stories about your Jewish mother, it isn’t too late! Post them in the comments.

Wishing us all a happy and meaningful Mother’s Day.

1) I cannot understand why you have not yet given me grandchildren with your child bearing hips.

2) He is lucky to have found you, you are really good at chicken soup and fried fish!

Such has been the comments of my life but I suppose if I was to be really honest now that she is no longer with me I quite miss it!

You can listen to Susana’s great story above, or use this image inspired by her story as a Mother’s Day e-mail!

If you’re inspired to bake with your family, here’s a and a macaroon recipe!

In my earliest memories my mother called me her doctor. When I was confronted with some imagined wrong doing,(it could be my not calling her mother dear, she would threaten to throw herself on the trolley tracks,which gave me nightmares,or call Red John (whoever he was) I became a dentist and I hated every day of it.


Lior Zaltzman

Lior Zaltzman

Lior Zaltzman was the Forward’s Digital Fellow. Follow her on twitter @liorca.

Our Jewish Mothers for Better or Worse

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Our Jewish Mothers for Better or Worse

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