Blewish,’ ‘Jew-ish’ and ‘Jew-theran’: interfaith families group renames itself by the Forward

Blewish,’ ‘Jew-ish’ and ‘Jew-theran’: interfaith families group renames itself

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“Interfaith.” It’s so early aughts.

For decades, the label connoted a family with one Jewish spouse and one of a different background. In 2001, an entire organization called “InterfaithFamily” was created. Now many such families are done with using a single label to describe themselves, so the group has followed suit and renamed itself “18Doors.”

It also has a new website and has redesigned its Jewish clergy referral service, it announced on Thursday. These and other changes are the product of a strategic review process that started back in 2017, said CEO Jodi Bromberg.

“We often talk about these people as if they were one monolithic group and they’re just not,” she said.

Which is obvious, if you take a look at the slew of alternatives for “interfaith” Bromberg has collected, from the almost-synonymous (Mixed Faith”) to the amusing (Jew-ish, Jewish Adjacent) to the slightly snarky (A Modern Family) and even “half-Jewish.” That one has sometimes carried stigma, Bromberg said, so she discourages its use by Jewish professionals and organizations. “But some families love the term,” she said. “And if it feels right to them, they should use it!”

You’ve also got lots of portmanteaux in which two words are joined together to create a new one — the way a family is born. Black and Jewish? Try Blewish.

Here’s a curated list of some other options:


Just Jewish

JewBu (Jewish-Buddhist)

JewMu (Jewish-Muslim)

Jew-theran (Jewish Lutheran)

CathJew (Catholic-Jewish)

Jewnitarian or Jewniversalists (Jewish Unitarians)


Mixed heritage


Bromberg doesn’t intend to jettison the term “interfaith” altogether, and she used it several times during a conversation with this reporter.

“Old habits die hard. But also, it’s part of our vernacular,” she said. “It’s a term of art, particularly in the Jewish community. I just want the flexibility to use all the different terms out there.”

Like “Jewpanese.”

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Helen Chernikoff

Helen Chernikoff

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Blewish,’ ‘Jew-ish’ and ‘Jew-theran’: interfaith families group renames itself

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Blewish,’ ‘Jew-ish’ and ‘Jew-theran’: interfaith families group renames itself

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