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Some of our favorite Jewish coronavirus memes

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The spread of COVID-19 is impacting lives around the world, forcing universities, schools, and offices across the country to close, or switch to remote. The Jewish community has been heavily affected. With lackluster Purim celebrations and travel plans for the upcoming Passover season being canceled, it can feel like everything good is now forbidden.

Luckily, Jewish communities are used to adversity and know how to keep spirits up. People are turning to a traditional coping method in these trying times— humor. Memes and jokes are being passed around through various Facebook groups, WhatsApp chats, and on Twitter. We’ve heard tell of mishloach manot containing Corona beers, labeled “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’ and the memes keep flowing. The Jewish corners of the internet are doing their best to help you laugh at the situation, whether you’re in quarantine or not.

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Some people are overwhelmed at the idea of stocking up on dry goods with Passover coming up; the kitniyot question just got way trickier.

But others don’t see an issue; matzah is the perfect pantry staple.

Speaking of Passover, some are considering a traditional method for avoiding the plague.

Others are considering altering Passover tradition to better suit the times

For some more traditional advice, a newly discovered Talmud tractate weighs in on best practices for quarantine.

Others are feeling disconnected from time-honored Jewish traditions…like worrying parents.

As a community, we’ve always been known for our brains and creativity, and the Jewish people are as innovative as ever during these trying times.

A popular hand washing meme making the rounds got a Jewish update, bringing a little extra simcha — and even some virtual dancing — to the ever-necessary hygiene efforts.

Orthodox communities are feeling prepared.

And while the Mizrachi communities have to roll back their greeting kisses, but the Ashkenazim haven’t noticed any change.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel has advised against kissing mezuzot, but folks are finding workarounds to continue the masoret.

Others are prepping supplies to continue Jewish tradition while in quarantine

Though not everyone needs to.

Some of our favorite Jewish coronavirus memes


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Some of our favorite Jewish coronavirus memes

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