What Do Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Julian Assange Have in Common?

What do Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Julian Assange have in common?

According to an article by Michael Weiss in The Daily Beast they share a sanguine attitude to Russian foreign policy and an enjoyment of anti-Semitic supporters.

Weiss outlines the responses of Trump and Assange to Putin’s military and political incursions into Belarus and Ukraine. He notes their insouciance in the face of things that their positions as the would-be president of America and as the head of the people’s transparency watchman might suggest they oppose strenuously.

And he explains the intersection of their anti-Semitism — Wikileaks and Trump supporters on Twitter — Assange and Putin in the person of Israel Shamir, a holocaust-denying courier and henchman of Assange who took information about dissidents and politicians in Belarus who had met with American officials and donated it to Alexander Lukashenko the pro-Putin strongman who used the information to crush his opposition.

As well as the Wikileaks anti-Semitic tweet, from an account reputed to be managed personally by Assange, that the head of Wikileaks has confidence in Shamir, undermines the public good that Assange claims to do. Here’s what Weiss says about him.


Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman

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What Do Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Julian Assange Have in Common?

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