Mark Carney’s Beef: Bank of England governor Mark Carney dips his new treyf 5-pound note into food.

Britain’s New 5-Pound Note May Not Be Kosher

It may be “chewable, washable and harder to fake,” but Britain’s new 5-pound note may not be kosher.

Unveiled with a fanfare in September, Britain was excited to follow a number of other Commonwealth countries in using a more durable polymer instead of a traditional cotton base.

But it was revealed today — to the anger of vegans and Hindus especially — that the new notes include beef tallow. Tallow is rendered cooking fat making it abhorrent to vegans, unclean to Hindus and, depending on the process and amounts used, unkosher for Jews.

Sadly, though its relative longevity means it’s better for the environment, cows were definitely hurt in the making of this money.


Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman is the executive editor and whisky correspondent of the Forward. But when he’s not doing that, he’s writing a book about the rock band Tears for Fears.

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Britain’s New 5-Pound Note May Not Be Kosher

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