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Men on New York's West Side Look a lot Like Bernie Sanders — or Larry David

The harsh reality (or not so, depending on your predilections) is that if you’re a man of a certain age, you’re hair is white, you’re Jewish — and especially if you wear spectacles — someone may think you’re Bernie Sanders.

Or a relative.

Just ask Larry David.

So The Forward decided to have a little fun ahead of Monday’s Iowa caucus and visit David’s old haunts on Manhattan’s West Side to find some Bernie (who’s Brooklyn-born) look-a-likes to talk politics.

Harry Cardemon, who’s “80 going toward 90”, is a staunch Democrat and can’t decide between Sanders and Clinton. With regard to the candidate’s appearance he says, “He looks like some other people I’ve met.” He was accompanied by Rita, who clarified that she was his wife, not his girlfriend.

Joseph Levie, 87, likes Sanders but thinks he’s promising too much too fast. Oh yeah, he adds: “He’s not good for the Jews.”

Martin Rich, 74, says he’ll vote for the most electable Democrat, who he doesn’t think is Bernie. “I don’t think the country as a whole will elect a socialist. Maybe New York state would. Maybe New York City would.”

Mr. Engelson, who declined to give his first name, says he’s about 10 years older than Sanders, who is 74, and leaning toward the Vermont senator. “Would I vote for him? There is a good possibility. 60% yes,” he said.

Robert Adler, 79, gets a bit tongue-tied when talking about Clinton’s rival. “I would be very happy if he succeeds. Unhappy, I’m sorry. I take that back. No I’m not happy with him.”

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Men on New York's West Side Look a lot Like Bernie Sanders — or Larry David

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