The 10 Fiercest Celebrity Responses To Family Separation

There’s a Torah quote for every occasion.

These days we’re taking a look at Leviticus 19. The Book of Leviticus is notorious for its humorless list of instructions from God, but every so often it says something wonderfully radical. Jewish celebrities have been taking the instructions of Leviticus 19: 33-34 to heart. Here are their biblical commentaries on Torah, the zero-tolerance family separation policy, and Twitter.

Henry Winkler, the Jewish conscience here on earth, got right to business:

Sarah Silverman loves America and she loves to tell us the truth:

Josh Groban pleads for reason in unreasonable times:

Jewish comedy-Twitter used Ivanka Trump as a comedy foil:

Debra Messing went straight to the top (she invoked Mr. Rogers):

Rob Reiner didn’t mince words:

A Jewish Twitter-Queen noticed some hypocrisy:

Andi Zeisler of Bitch Magazine reminded us of our roots:

Michael Ian Black sympathized:

And Esther Povitsky of “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” found lessons in history:

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Sarah Silverman Leads Celebs Bashing Family Separation

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The 10 Fiercest Celebrity Responses To Family Separation

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