beet salad by the Forward

WATCH: Preparing beets, Jewish style

Beets were a staple among the Jews of Eastern Europe, although most of them probably didn’t know its nutritional benefits.

Beetroot is rich in folate, magnesium, vitamin C, and fiber. Recent studies show that beets and beetroot juice reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow and might even improve athletic performance.

In this clip of the Forverts YouTube series, “Est Gezunterheyt”, the Yiddish term for “eat in good health”, Forverts editor Rukhl Schaechter and Ashkenazi food scholar Eve Jochnowitz demonstrate how to prepare two kinds of beet salad: one with sweet-and-sour overtones and the other - a bit spicy. Enjoy!

WATCH: Preparing beets, Jewish style

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WATCH: Preparing beets, Jewish style

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