1. How Is This Rosh Hashanah Different from All Other Rosh Hashanahs?
  2. Poetry: Facing the Mark
  3. Morning Jew: 1st Amendment Issues, Jack the Ripper, Gwyneth Paltrow, and More (Joan Rivers)

All the Kids? An Israeli agency omitted Arab-sounding names from its list of most popular names, including the No. 1 boy’s name, Mohammed.

Who's Your Baby?

By Ilan Lior

Move over, Daniel, Itai and Yosef. The most popular boy’s name in Israel last year was Mohammed. So why did officials omit the name from its annual Top 10 list?

Beheading or Blowout Party?

Beheading or Blowout Party?

By Sigal Samuel

Tel Aviv’s popular gay party organizers used imagery from the gruesome ISIS beheadings to draw crowds to their nightclub last week. What were they thinking?

Full House: Yom Kippur prayers, as depicted by Maurycy Gottlieb in 1878.

Making the Rabbi Sweat

By Lenore Skenazy

For every Jew who goes to synagogue only on the High Holidays, there’s a rabbi keenly aware of that fact. Sometimes even ‘stressed’ and ‘frustrated’ over that fact.

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