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EU Official Says It Can Fight Anti-Semitism Without Solid Definition

BRUSSELS (JTA) — The absence of an EU definition for hatred of Jews does not compromise efforts to fight the phenomenon, the body’s coordinator on combating anti-Sem...


New Exhibit on Jewish Postcards Set To Open at The Museum on Eldridge Street

A new exhibit at The Museum on Eldridge Street will feature Jewish postcards from both Eastern Europe and the Lower East Side

The Assimilator

This is How Much It’ll Cost You to Have Coffee with Ivanka Trump

Want to share a cup of joe with Ivanka Trump? It’ll cost you.


Neo-Nazis Revel in Richard Spencer Texas A&M Event

“We were there for Richard Spencer’s event, or, to be more precise, we were there to confront the hordes of Jews, anti-Whites, and mud people,” Anglin wrote in a Thu...


How I Reunited My Holocaust Survivor Father With His Long Lost Neighbor

Barbara Finkelstein’s father survived the deportation of Jews from Poland’s Uchanie. She met his old neighbor and found a sympathetic connection.


Cuomo’s BDS Blacklist Includes Companies That Don’t Boycott Israel

The New York State governor’s list is the result of an executive order banning the state from doing business with firms that back BDS.


Heirs of German Jewish Art Dealer File Lawsuit Against Bavaria

The heirs of a German Jewish art dealer are suing Bavaria over works allegedly stolen by the Nazis. The works include paintings by Paul Klee, Juan Gris and Max Beckm...

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Dutch Police Use DNA To Arrest Suspect From 1990 Murder Mystery

AMSTERDAN (JTA) — Based on DNA analysis, Dutch police arrested an Israeli man whom they say killed an Israeli woman in the Netherlands 26 years ago.


50 Years Later, Israel’s Basketball Hero Tal Brody Remembers His Glory Days

In 1977, Tal Brody helped Maccabi-Tel Aviv capture a championship and the hearts of a nation. Brody talks about the new documentary “On the Map,” which celebrates th...


Forward Looking Back

Shocking crimes, riots in Jerusalem? 100, 75, and 50 years ago, the Forward was on top of the story.


Could a Song Save the World? And Other Things That Make Us Go ‘Ugh!’

“The Band’s Visit,” a new musical based on a beloved Israeli film, poses some simple solutions for peace in the Middle East — maybe too simple.


Like Houdini, Netanyahu Is a Great Escape Artist — Just Look at His Contortions On Settlements

Netanyahu is caught up in a tangle of intertwined crises that can’t be disentangled. Chief among them: a bill that would legalize illegal settlements.