Heir to The Austrian Throne And His Wife Are Shot

From the Pages of the Yiddish Forward

Shot! The Forverts covered the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the catalyst for World War I.
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Shot! The Forverts covered the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the catalyst for World War I.

Published June 25, 2014.

The imperial couple was on a tour of the Bosnian province that Austria had won from Turkey six years earlier. A young Serbian student was the shooter, believing that province must be Serbian. A second youth threw a bomb on the couple hours prior to the shooting. They are proud of their attack.

Major Upheaval In European Politics Expected

Sarajevo, Bosnia Austria—June 28—Archduke Franz Ferdinand Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary and his wife Duchess Hohenberg were murdered today by a young Bosnian student, a Serb. The murder was a result of the hatred the Serbs have towards the Austrians who conquered the pure Serbian bit of land of Bosnia in Herzegovina.

The murder took place in a large public who were present on both side of the route through which the heir to the throne and his wife passed through in their coach. This was the second attempt on Franz Ferdinand’s life on the same day in Sarajevo. A couple of hours earlier when the Archduke and his entourage, riding in a second carriage, travelled to city hall there a young man threw a bomb at them. The Archduke, however, noticed where the bomb was in flight and re-directed it with his hand. The bomb shattered on the side behind the coach and fell on a sidewalk and some of the entourage was wounded, as were some of the public viewers. The Archduke and his entourage rode on.

The man who threw the bomb attempted to escape and jumped from the nearby bridge into the river but several people ran after him and dragged him out of there. His name is Zanrinovitch, he’s 21-years- old and is himself from Herzegovina, a Serb according to his birthplace and a print compositor by trade. He worked for a while in Belgrade, Serbia from where he came to Sarajevo.

The Archduke called for his carriage to stop and ran over to the carriage where the wounded officers in his entourage were seated. The wounded were immediately taken to hospital and the Archduke and his wife and the rest of their entourage travelled further to city hall where the Mayor, the City Council and prominent citizenry were waiting for them.

The Mayor addressed him with a speech and just as he began speaking Franz Ferdinand interrupted, “Mr. Mayor! This is an outrage. We came for a visit here and we were met with a bomb!”

A few seconds of silence ensued. After which Franz Ferdinand said, “Now you may continue with your speech.” And the Mayor, in the name of the city and populace greeted the future leader of Austria-Hungary. Meanwhile, the public knew of the bomb and in City Hall people were heard running in saying ‘Hurrah!’

First Bullet Hits His Wife

From City Hall the Archduke and his entourage travelled to the hospital to visit the wounded officers of his group. As his carriage turned the corner of Rudolph Strasse out from behind a house jumped a young man (according to other reports he specifically jumped into Franz Ferdinand’s carriage) and began firing a revolver. One shot hit the Duchess Hohenberg in her abdomen and second one hit her in the chest and a third bullet hit the Archduke precisely in his face.

The body of the critically wounded Duchess fell across the Archduke’s knees but in the next moment his body also fell over.

Quickly the two wounded were taken to the palace where doctors attempted to operate but their labors were for naught. The Archduke and his wife were swiftly dead.

The murder was quickly caught. Several people pursued him and attempted to beat him but the police arrived and arrested him.

This young man is a high school attendee and is 19-years-old and is also a Serb from Herzegovina. His name is Gavri Printsip.

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