A.J. Goldmann

Strolling: Goldmann’s walk through him through the many neighborhoods of Berlin.

Walking While Jewish in Berlin

A.J. Goldmann walked through Berlin for ten hours with a yarmulke on his head looking to see if he would receive any anti-Semitic taunts. What he did find surprised him.

One Woman: Oscar Straus’s ‘Eine Frau’ was the first 2015 premiere of the Komische Oper Berlin.

A Nacht at the Opera in Berlin

A Berlin opera house, the Komische Oper, gives forgotten Jewish artists a new audience. Does this mean that Berlin might see the renaissance of Jewish secular culture?

Stunning New Louvre of Jewish Museums Opens in Warsaw

Replete with poignant history, shimmering multimedia, and interactive features, Warsaw’s just-opened Jewish museum is like a stunning Louvre of our own, A.J. Goldmann writes.

Brothers in Minimalism Came Together at BAM

Pioneering composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass appeared onstage together for the first time in nearly 40 years in a series of 3 concerts earlier this month at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

After the War: Michel Hazanavicius re-sets Fred Zinneman’s post-World War II drama in 1990s Chechnya.

'The Search' Relives Auschwitz — in Chechnya

Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius has updated the classic Holocaust melodrama ‘The Search.’ Yet he gives the film a haunting new setting: Chechnya.

Short Cuts: ‘Wild Tales’ is composed of vignettes that suggest stories by Kafka or Etgar Keret.

Kafkaesque 'Wild Tales' Is Jewish Film from Argentina Inspired by Steven Spielberg

‘Wild Tales,’ the latest film by Argentinean Damian Szifron includes of surreal, violent vignettes about losing control. Our critic loves the one in which a Jewish wedding gets ruined.

Cannes Diary #2: 'Self Made' and Divorce Drama From Israel

There’s a ‘more is more’ philosophy at Cannes: more glamor, more stars, more wasteful opulence. But my attention has been riveted by a couple of intimate Israeli films.