Adam Langer

Adam Langer

Adam Langer is the Forward’s culture editor. Born and raised in Chicago, he now lives in New York. He has written plays, films, criticism and a memoir, but most of the time, he writes novels.
He is the author of the novels “Crossing California,” “The Washington Story,” “Ellington Boulevard,” “The Thieves of Manhattan” and “The Salinger Contract” as well as the memoir “My Father’s Bonus March.”

Contact him at, or follow him on Twitter at @adam_langer

Political Theatrics: From left: Benjamin Netanyahu; Curzon Dobell and Carmit Levité in Iddo Netanyahu’s play “A Happy End”; Iddo Netanyahu

A Tale of Two Netanyahus, One Play and One Speech

As Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress, his brother was preparing his Off-Broadway premiere. Culture editor Adam Langer finds some surprising parallels between the two.

Guide to Israeli Elections as Read by a MacBook

Adam Langer’s MacBook Pro is great at taking dictation. But when he tried dictating names of Israeli politicians, the computer was suddenly stumped. Check out the hilarious results.

When Dylan Does It Better Than Sinatra (Assuming You Don't Care For Sinatra)

Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album ‘Shadows in the Night’ features covers of Frank Sinatra tunes. Adam Langer says the Bard brings a haunting quality to ‘Stay With Me’ that Sinatra lacked.

An Autobiography in 19 Bob Dylan Concerts

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11 Greatest Mike Nichols Moments

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Rhyme Time: Adam Mansbach’s aims for another viral success with his new, umm, bedtime story.

Maybe Once Was F--cking Enough

Adam Mansbach’s viral hit ‘Go The F–k To Sleep’ has spawned its inevitable sequel. Our Adam Langer assesses the vulgar offering in rhyming verse — and F-words of his own.

Before the Sun: Marilyn Klinghoffer, played here by Michaela Martens, learns of the death of her husband in John Adams and Alice Goodman’s opera.

Aside From That, Mrs. Klinghoffer, How Did You Like the Opera?

‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ has been called just about everything, from masterpiece to blood libel. There is one thing it hasn’t been called: unabashedly Christian.

They Dreamed a Dream: A scene from the Met’s production of ‘The Death of Klinghoffer.’

The Resurrection of 'Klinghoffer'

Is the Met’s ‘Death of Klinghoffer’ a profound meditation? Or a misguided opera that borders on anti-Semitism? Arts editor Adam Langer delves into the controversy.

Tougher Than the Rest: Lauren Bacall was born Bette Joan Perske in the Bronx.

Lauren Bacall's 7 Greatest Moments

From Humphrey Bogart’s sparring partner to the grand-dame of Hollywood cinema, Lauren Bacall’s career spanned generations in film and theater. These are 7 of her finest moments.

Reality…What a Concept: Robin Williams has died at the age of 63.

How and Why We Mourn Robin Williams

In films by Paul Mazursky and Woody Allen and on TV as Mork, Robin Williams embodied a quintessential outsider’s perspective. Adam Langer recalls the legacy of the late comedian.