Ari Paul

Ani DiFranco’s Slave Plantation Gaffe

Ani DiFranco’s decision to host a gig at a former plantation says plenty about Dixie’s collective amnesia when it comes to the past. As Jews, we know there’s another way.

A Labor Agenda for the 21st Century: Less Work

Labor is focused on organizing low-wage workers and safety issues, especially after recent horrific factory tragedies. But maybe unions should push for all of us to work a little less.

Karen Gould

Brooklyn College President Won't Cancel Boycott Israel Panel

The president of Brooklyn College hit back against New York City Council members who threatened to withhold funds to the school if it allows a panel discussion about the boycott Israel campaign to go forward later this week.

Hasidic Jews rush to make preparations for Hurricane Sandy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Randi, Rahm and the Chicago Teachers Strike

The Chicago teachers strike pitted Randi Weingarten’s members against her ally, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Does the settlement give the Jewish union chief a stronger national profile?

Occupying Rosh Hashanah

For the social justice-minded Jews of Occupy Wall Street, the opportunity to use the beginning of year 5773 on the Jewish calendar and Year Two of the movement was perfect.

Don't Just Look for Union Label

Labor Day is here and many of us will hear a familiar message: Buy union. But Ari Paul suggests it may be time for progressive-minded consumers to do more than ‘look for the union label.’

Filene's Closing Ends Unusual Legacy

This is the last holiday shopping season for Filene’s Basement, the iconic discount retailer. The century-old chain started as a Jewish merchant’s unusual experiment in capitalism.

British Union Chooses Sanctions Over Israeli Workers

The British Trades Union Congress this September passed a resolution reaffirming its position against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. What is unusual — and troubling — is the line dictating that TUC affiliates review their bilateral relations with all Israeli organizations, including the country’s main labor federation, Histadrut.