Boris Sandler

Boris Sandler

Yiddish 4.0

The launch of our new daily website has attracted plenty of attention. Could it be that the story of Yiddish’s death has been greatly exaggerated?

History’s Paradoxes

Eighty years ago, on May 25, 1926, Ukrainian folk hero Simon Petlura was shot to death in Paris. The assassination was planned and executed by Jewish folk hero Sholom Schwartzbard.Why bring up today these two opposing characters, whose peoples have lived together for hundreds of years? Just for the anniversary? And who were they, the victim, Simon

Israel’s Tomorrow, Today

More than that of any other country in the world, Israel’s fate is dependent on “tomorrow” — a tomorrow that comes closer day by day with the approach of August 15, the date set by Prime Minister Sharon to begin Israel’s planned withdrawal from Gaza.How does Israeli society look from afar during these critical days? Above all, split into

Yiddish Literary Scholar Chaim Bader Dead at 83

Chaim Bader, a Yiddish poet, author, journalist and literary scholar, died of cancer Sunday morning in New York. He was 83.