Chanel Dubofsky

Selma and the Dangers of Jewish Entitlement

Chanel Dubofsky argues that the demand for Jews to be included in ‘Selma’ parallels the demand of white men to be included in other people’s narratives.

I Don't Want Kids, Thanks for Asking. And Asking.

No matter how nicely you ask, Chanel Dubofsky isn’t planning to have children. Maybe it’s time we believe her — and accept her decision as a valid Jewish choice.

Fighting the Israeli Macho: A Gchat with Elana Sztokman

Orthodox feminist Elana Sztokman discusses why women should care about religious radicalism in Israel, and what role gender plays in wartime.

The Dead Mothers Club

A new documentary starring Molly Shannon reveals what it’s like to lose a mother at a young age, and delves into the unexpectedly liberating aspects of loss.

On Jewish Women and Facial Hair

Some Jewish women go to great lengths to eradicate errant whiskers. Chanel Dubofsky asks: What if we stopped our plucking and bleaching and went all natural?

A Real Talk College Guide for Women

Julie Zeilinger’s new book, ‘College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year’ takes on slut shaming, bro culture and the specter of the ‘freshman 15.’

Teaching Women How to Tie Tzitzit

More and more women are putting on tzitzit. Netzitzot, a new non-profit venture, now creates tzitzit that are designed for the female body.

Single Mother and Rabbi

Debra Gonsher Vinik’s new film, ‘All of the Above,’ is about rabbis who become single mothers.

Not Becoming a Rabbi Was the Best Decision of My Life

For years, Chanel Dubofksy thought she was on the path to the rabbinate. But then she realized she was faking it, and it was the most important realization of her life.

Avital Norman Nathman on 'Good Mother Myth'

Parenting columnist Avital Norman Nathman’s anthology blasts the idea that there is any one right way to be a mother. And yes, every Jewish mom could learn something from it.