Dan Goldberg

Zionism is falling out of favor among New Zealand’s Jews. The country’s final Jewish school is in Auckland.

New Zealand Commitment to Israel Fades Among 7,000 Jews

In one of the farthest corners of the Diaspora, Zionism has fallen “out of fashion” to the detriment of the “struggling” Jewish community.

Julie and John: Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop chats with Secretary of State John Kerry. The new Down Under government has taken a stridently pro-Israel stand, which has even angered some liberal Jews.

Liberal Australian Jews Slam Government 'Backing' of Israel Occupation

Australia foreign minister, Julie Bishop, in Israel last week for Ariel Sharon’s funeral, reiterated her call for the international community to refrain from branding them “illegal” in order not to “prejudge” the outcome of final-status negotiations.

Come Clean: Manny Waks, an advocate for child sex abuse victims, believes the leadership of the Australian Jewish community is not being forthcoming about the latest sex scandal.

New Child Sex Scandal Erupts in Australia

A new child sex scandal threatens to embroil a Jewish organization in Australia. Advocates for victims say it’s another dark chapter of abuse and cover-up.

Australia’s Unofficial Chief Rabbi Buried in Israel

An American-born rabbi who has been hailed as “the greatest Australian Jewish leader of the past century” was buried July 11 on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

LIGHTER LOAD: Rabbi Mendel Kastel (left), shown with Sam Rowen, is launching a campaign to encourage Jews to lose weight.

Aussies Count Kosher Calories

An American-born Australian rabbi is waging war on kosher calories by launching a campaign to shed pounds for charity.

Alleged Sex Abuse by Principal Roils Australia’s Orthodox Community

Australia’s tight-knit ultra-Orthodox community is being roiled by allegations that the principal of a girls’ high school molested a number of her former students.

Punk Rocker’s Holy Debut

His face is peppered with multiple piercings, his neck is normally padlocked with a thick metal chain, and his dreadlocks are dyed bright orange and blood red. Bram Presser cuts an archetypal punk rock figure — but he does not blend into your average Sabbath-morning crowd.