Danya Ruttenberg

Black Lives Matter: Jewish activists have been part of the protests roiling the country.

Why Jewish #BlackLivesMatter Activists Should Take Back Seat

The #BlackLivesMatter movement will keep making waves in 2015. Danya Ruttenberg writes Jews should participate in the struggle but not seek to impose their leadership.

Why Barry Freundel Story Makes Me Physically Ill

The charges against Rabbi Barry Freundel should shock and disgust us, Danya Ruttenberg writes. In some ways, though, it’s just a starker version of a story that takes place all the time.

A Modest Proposal: Are dress codes really the best way to instill a set of values?

Take Back Tzniut

With kids going back to school, a set of questions about dress codes — particularly for girls — will once again be discussed. But do these conversations miss the point?

Female Rabbis Should Have Male Friends

Danya Ruttenberg answers the ultimate ‘When Harry Met Sally’ debate. Can men and women (rabbis) ever be just friends?

Adults, Who Happen To Be Young(er)

Rabbi Steven Wernick, the new head of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, has made it clear that one of his priorities for the organization is outreach to Jews in their 20s and early 30s. As Conservative Jews gather for the USCJ’s biennial in Cherry Hill, N.J., December 6 — the first of Wernick’s tenure — and begin to chart a new course for the movement, it’s worth considering how best to go about pursuing this important goal.