David Wolpe

Shavuot, When We Became Who We Are

Why does Jewish tradition advise us to read the Torah as a love letter — and celebrate Shavuot as a marriage anniversary? David Wolpe explains the holiday’s symbolism.

W for Jesus: Former President George W. Bush poses with pastor after service. There?s nothing wrong with him expressing his Christian faith, but why should he encourage Jews to leave theirs?

Why Jews Should Not Accept Jesus — Whatever George W. Bush Thinks

Why can’t Jews accept Jesus as a Messiah or son of God? David Wolpe explains — and says the terms ‘Jews for Jesus’ and ‘Messianic Judaism’ are more about marketing than theology.

In Defense of Transgression

Clergy sin, but they rarely advocate sin. There is an apparently apocryphal story about the famously reticent President Calvin Coolidge: Upon returning from church and being asked by his wife what the preacher spoke about, Coolidge is supposed to have answered “sin.” His wife persisted: “What did he say?” “He was against it,” Coolidge replied. This seems entirely too one-sided. It is time to say something on behalf of sin.