Dorothy Brown

Generations of Unknown Risk: Dorothy Brown, the author (far left), her mother and her grandmother, holding Brown’s newborn daughter.

Was She at Risk for Cancer or Wasn’t She?

What do you do if several family members have cancer, but testing shows that you don’t carry a known, faulty mutation? Here is one personal story of how to deal with an unknown risk factor.

What?s In A Name? Older people have long felt diminished by catchall words such as ?old,? ?elderly? and ?senior citizen.? Dotty Brown calls for a new language to refer to the next life stage.

Zoomers? Wellderly? Geri-Actives? Who?!

Zoomers? Wellderly? Geri-Actives? Who?! Dotty Brown challenges the way we talk about ourselves as we age.

Mission Accomplished: Gilbert Kraus helped to plan the largest Kindertransport to the U.S.

HBO Documentary Tells Story of Kindertransport That Saved 50 Children

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the kindertransports, we remember the dramatic story of 50 Jewish children’s rescue from the Nazis.

Dr. Ohad Birk: Pioneering genetic discoveries in southern Israel.

Mysterious Childhood Diseases of Sephardim

JEWISH GENETICS: A gene mutation that causes the devastating childhood disease PCCA is carried by more than 2% of Israeli Sephardi Jews.