Douglas Wolk

Katchor In The Wry: The artist?s new collection features the visually spectacular work he has done for Metropolis Magazine.

Hand-Drawing, Hand-Drying, and Hand-Wringing in Ben Katchor's America

Ben Katchor’s forte has always been his ability to nudge a real-life absurdity one or two notches too far. This quality is on display in his new book ‘Hand-Drying in America.’

Everything Isn't Illuminated

Prominent and prolific scholar and Yiddishist tries his hand at a south of the border graphic novel with echoes of ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ The results are mixed.

Faster Than A Speeding Tallis

At the core of ‘Superman Is Jewish?’ is a fascinating sliver of history. Without Jewish creators, there would have been no Superman, no Batman, and no Archies.