Dvora Meyers

The Four Daughters of 'Girls'

In the Passover Haggadah, we read about the Four Sons. What if the characters in the hit series ‘Girls’ were the Four Daughters at your seder?

The mikveh may be many things, but an HPV vaccine it?s not.
Under pressure: Rep. David Camp
On Her Toes: Rivka Nahari runs the Brooklyn Jewish Dance Institute.

Balancing Act

A few hours past sundown on a recent Saturday evening, Rivka Nahari, 31, took to the stage. Her slight frame draped in all black, and her wig swept back with a clip, she sang an aria from “Romeo and Juliet” while accompanying herself on the piano. The audience, which consisted of 50 Orthodox women and girls who had been listening to musical performances more suited to “American Idol” than to the Met, vacillated between awe and confusion at the French lyrics and the power of Nahari’s voice, which reverberated from one end of the gym to the other.

Larry David Returns

Larry David has purchased scalped tickets for temple seats during the High Holy Days (and was subsequently kicked out of services). He’s invited a convicted sex offender to a Passover Seder. He’s pitted a Holocaust survivor against a castoff from the TV series “Survivor.”